Community of Kibera

Building a peaceful and united Kibera

In early 2008, ethnic violence swept over Kibera in response to the highly disputed presidential elections. Hundreds of people were killed and many more injured, as houses were burned and businesses destroyed. Kibera was gripped by fear and an estimated 10,000 were displaced and fled their homes.

In the midst of the violence, people gathered at CFK. There, they discussed peace and reconciliation, and formed an initiative called Community of Kibera (Swahili: Jamii ya Kibera). To respond to the violence, CFK trained youth leaders to mediate forums on conflict, ethnicity, and violence. These community events brought Kibera’s residents together, regardless of ethnicity. CFK’s youth leaders also spearheaded a peace promotion campaign which advocated unity and cooperation and included Swahili commercials on local radio stations and covered Kibera with  JAMII YA KIBERA posters.

The Community of Kibera’s message is one of peace, uniting Kiberans and discovering strategies for achieving a future built on cooperation, not bloodshed.

Today, the Community of Kibera initiative continues, though less frequently, to promote peace across Kibera, through community forums, peace marches and training programs in mediation and counseling. Annually, CFK hosts a Community of Kibera Fun Day, which has become a much-anticipated community event.

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