How We’re Different

Local Solutions to Local Issues

At its core, Carolina for Kibera (CFK) believes that community problems require local solutions run by local leaders. Our staff in Kenya is made up of 60 full- and part-time staff – all are Kenyan and many are from Kibera. In the US, CFK employs only three full-time staff. In addition, hundreds of dedicated volunteers and board members support our Kenyan staff in whatever ways they can with no thought of reward. CFK creates sustainable, positive solutions. We seek out local leaders to champion change and partner with individuals and groups both inside and outside of the community who believe in a better future for Kibera.

Creating and Sustaining Holistic Change

Effective change is change that continues. CFK ensures lasting and widespread impact through an idea we call “cascading leadership.” CFK staff members do not simply deliver goods and services to Kibera. Instead, they collaborate with community leaders to create ambitious and wide-reaching programs that reach thousands of residents. Through direct involvement, community members become ambassadors of positive impact for their families and friends. As older participants assume leadership roles, they multiply impact by growing programs, engaging their personal networks and inspiring the next generation of leaders. The positive impact of these local leaders spreads, or ‘cascades,’ through the community.

A Three-Pronged Approach

Poverty is complex – its solutions are never easy. The best strategies are both specialized and integrative, addressing the needs of a whole person. Our three-priority areas reflect our dedication to creating sustainable, far-reaching change.



You can’t thrive if you’re not alive. Healing the sick and promoting healthful lifestyles keep the whole community healthy.


Academic, social, and emotional learning are necessary for personal development. From scholarships to sports teams to art activities, we provide places to play, learn, and grow.


Financial self-sufficiency unlocks possibility. Trainings and coaching help current and future entrepreneurs build businesses that meet community needs and generate income.