New Initiatives

Creating Opportunities for Local Leaders to Catalyze Change

Kibera is a dynamic and changing community. As the needs of the community change, so do CFK’s programs. We are committed to trying new ideas because best practices aren’t discovered in a vaccuum. Together with the Kibera community, we try new ideas and explore possible solutions.

Kibera Worldwide

Started in the summer of 2009 with a generous donation of Flip cameras, Kibera Worldwide (KWW) is multi-media community storytelling initiative.

Kibera is often portrayed in the media as a place of suffering and stagnation, but Kiberan youths are eager to show their community in a way that highlights the energy of Kibera and the change that is being made through organizations like Carolina for Kibera. Kibera Worldwide is an outlet for positive storytelling.

Formal and informal skills trainings lead by both US and Kenyan videographers and photojournalists are held regularly to further develop the technical skills of the KWW team and empower them to tell their stories of change and hope.

Many of the videos on this website have been produced by Kibera Worldwide.


In the spring of 2010, the first set of Rubberbanditz landed at the CFK office in Kibera. They were an immediate hit. It was as if the bands were tailor made for an environment like Kibera. The bands are virtually indestructible, easy to clean, and entirely mobile. Developed by Ari Zandman-Zeman during his time in the Peace Corps, the one-pound gym-in-a-bag system offers a full-body workout without any additional fitness equipment.  The unique circular design stretches, strengthens and tones muscle groups at the same time instead of isolating one muscle at a time like traditional weights or tubes.

CFK staff and volunteers began using the bands regularly and soon formed an afternoon workout group where participants each take turns leading. In 2011, the first group of official Rubberbanditz trainers will be certified and begin starting small for-pay fitness programs around Kibera.

See the bands in action during a community day event in Kibera.


Video produced by Kibera Worldwide

Strong Bodies, Strong Communities

To help develop healthy leaders in Kibera, Rubberbanditz will donate a band to CFK for every kit sold.

Visit and enter discount code ‘Kibera’ to save 5% off your purchase and help make Kibera a stronger community.

Read more about the Rubberbanditz commitment to social responsibility.

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