Our Global Partners

Carolina for Kibera works with a network of organizational. partners.  Over the years we’ve come to realize an important fact – our impact in the Kibera community is greater and stronger when we partner with others.

A map illustrating Carolina for Kibera’s network of partners was featured in August of the 2012 calendar for the Center for Global Initiatives. Though not exhaustive, it gives one a sense of the diversity and breath of the partners with whom we work. We reach across continents, campuses, sectors, and disciplines.

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Ronald McDonald House Charities

We are delighted for a new partnership in 2013-14 with the Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®). Over 2 years, RMHC is supporting CFK to help decrease child mortality in Kibera by creating a sustainable, locally-managed system of 100-trained community health promoters (CHPs) serving households with basic care and health education. Reduction in child mortality from preventable diarrheal disease using a community-managed strategy will save lives and demonstrate that Kiberans can effectively address health concerns without dependence on inequitable, expensive healthcare. In addition, the CHPs will serve as the core component of our long-term, holistic strategy for increasing wellness and disease prevention in Kibera.


UNC School of Social Work

UNC faculty and students from the School of Social Work are working with us to explore how to help Kibera’s youth increase their financial stability. The Kibera workforce development initiative is designed to build the capacity of young people in job and soft skills, financial assets, and planning for the future. We believe that the intervention in the project will increase earnings, skills, financial assets, facilitate permanent employment and continuing education, and create entrepreneurial opportunities for young people. This project is innovative because it is driven by the needs, hopes, and ideas of youth in Kibera. It adopts a holistic perspective on economic empowerment that includes employment training, work experiences, mentorship, financial services, and saving. By connecting youth to employers and the business community, we will help expand their networks and encourage a future-oriented mindset.

Aid for Africa

Member Aid For Africa

Carolina for Kibera is a participating member of Aid for Africa, a unique partnership of non-profit organizations serving families and communities throughout Africa.


HiLine Coffee Company

Our friends at HiLine Coffee Company, who make and sell coffee capsules that are compatible with Nespresso machines, have chosen to partner with CFK by donating some of their proceeds to scholarships for students in Kibera.  HiLine has its own community-oriented, grassroots spirit from having to compete with global coffee giants, and we are thrilled that they have chosen CFK as a beneficiary of their charitable giving.  Visit their website to read more about why they chose CFK — and to buy some delicious coffee.


Amazing Capes

AC_Logo_PengStarted in 2012 by a UNC alum through a Kickstarter campaign, Amazing Capes has a remarkable mission and business model: to save the world through the power of imagination. For every cape they sell, $2 are given to a partnering organization that works to make our world a safer and healthier place. CFK is delighted and honored to partner with such an admirable company, and we love the cape they’ve made to represent us—outfitted in a classic Carolina blue. Check it out here, and follow this link to reach their home page.