Sports Association

Because sports teach teamwork, and teamwork builds peace.

The Champions League

Carolina for Kibera’s flagship program, the Champions League, holds annual soccer tournaments for thousands of girls and boys. More than just soccer, the league bridges ethnic and gender divides to teach leadership, solidarity, and civic service. Competing teams must reflect the ethnic diversity of Kibera, which creates rare opportunities for inter-ethnic teamwork and friendship.

Teams also participate in community engagement activities, such as trash clean-ups and educational workshops to earn points in the Champions League standings. Through the Caught Offside initiative, players and spectators alike are taught about reproductive health by youth educators in a casual, non-threatening environment.


Jump Rope Cropped

Jump Rope

Launched in 2010, the jump rope program continues the Sports Association’s tradition of teamwork, inclusiveness, and fun.CFK’s jump rope team, the Sprinters, has performed at Kenya’s national stadium, throughout Kibera, and in the United States, regularly earning medals and top honors in intense competitions.


Watch a video about the impact of jump rope in Kibera.


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