Sports Association

Uniting Kibera Through Sports

Using sports to teach healthy life choices and promote peace across gender and ethnic divides in Kibera.

Thousands of boys and girls participate in CFK’s annual soccer tournament. Ethnic diversity is a requirement. To play in the tournament, each team must include youth of different tribes . Players learn teamwork and form strong friendships across ethnic lines. Tournament players further demonstrate commitment to community service by participating in trash clean-ups.

In addition to practices and tournament, the Caught Offside initiative uses soccer as a venue to discuss reproductive health. Youth educators talk to players and game spectators about HIV/AIDS prevention in a casual, non-threatening environment.

Jump Rope – our newest sports initiative

Jump rope fosters athleticism, creativity and teamwork in a fun, gender-inclusive environment.

Launched in February 2010, in partnership with One World One Rope, the program welcomed more than 200 jumpers within its first few months. Training began immediately for the first-ever East Africa Jump Rope Competition, held in Mombassa in July. Despite having the least amount of formal training and preparation time, CFK took first place in the double-dutch speed relay and single-rope speed relay team competitions. They were the only co-ed team competing.

Watch a video about the impact of jump rope in Kibera.


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