Tabitha Medical Clinic

Healthcare for Kibera

With just $26 and a dream, the Tabitha health clinic was founded.

Rising over Kibera’s low-lying roofs, the Tabitha Clinic is a community-based medical clinic housed in beautifully constructed 3-story, 13-room eco-friendly facility which utilizes solar panels and a rainwater catchment system. The clinic boasts two full-time physicians, six clinicians, a comprehensive laboratory, x-ray services, a central pharmacy, HIV/AIDS counseling services, and a youth-friendly reproductive health clinic – all run in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Tabitha Clinic offers healthcare to all residents on a sliding-fee scale. Over 40,000 patients visit this remarkable clinic in the heart of Kibera every year.

Outside the Clinic Walls

The Tabitha Clinic goes well beyond its exam rooms to offer home-based HIV/AIDS testing and counseling. Community health workers employed by CDC-KEMRI compile and analyze data about infectious disease using PDA devices as part of their infectious disease surveillance project.

Tabitha Clinic’s Origins

The Tabitha Clinic sprouted from the dreams of the late Tabitha Festo. A resident of Kibera and widowed mother of three, Tabitha was given $26 from Rye Barcott to start a vegetable selling business. The money she earned would go to found a clinic in her own home. Read more of Tabitha’s story here.

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