Trash is Cash

Because everybody needs to earn a living.

Trash is Cash is a profit-driven community-run solid waste management and recycling program that views garbage as an economic resource in Kibera. Teams of youth employees of the waste collection initiative serve households in Kibera, providing a regular trash pick-up service for a small fee.

An Expanding Scope

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In addition to the weekly collection service, Trash is Cash operates a recycling center, providing jobs for another 20 youth. The recycling center focuses on collecting, sorting, and pelleting plastic for sale to local industries. Trash is Cash also works with local women’s groups who collect, sort, and clean plastic bags and fashion them into retail products like purses for sale in local markets.

Across all of the small business groups that Trash is Cash works within Kibera, computer-based entrepreneurship training is offered regularly in collaboration with Nairobits, and outside consultants and volunteers work with local ventures to support development and growth of locally owned businesses.

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Work Readiness Program

Not everyone wants to own a small business in Kibera — many have their sights set on the formal economy. Our Work Readiness program, founded in 2014, seeks to equip motivated Kiberans with business skills, internship opportunities, interview tips and tricks, and scholarships to certificate programs at esteemed Kenyan universities.